Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered all your questions about Forex for you.

The word Forex consists of the abbreviation "Foreign Exchange" and is often known by the FX restriction. Forex is the market where one currency is traded with another currency. It is one of the largest markets in the world.

Forex trading can be done from Monday to Friday from 00.00 to 23.59.

In Forex trading, it is possible to profit from both price drops and rises. It is possible to make a profit from both positions by buying currency pairs and opening or selling positions according to the direction of the rise.

It is possible to trade many different products in the Forex market, from currencies, commodities, precious metals and shares.

Swap is referred to as overnight carrying cost or overnight interest in the forex markets. The calculation of forex swap rates is based on the interest differences between the currencies of the two countries. All currency pairs in the Forex market have swap costs.

Swap-free forex accounts are generally known as Islamic or interest-free accounts. Swap costs, known as overnight interest, are removed from the swap-free forex account. Swap-free forex trading is generally preferred by investors with high religious sensitivities and investors who want to get different advantages.

Spread is the difference between the bid price and the sell price of currency pairs. The difference between buying and selling is measured in pips. Spreads may vary for the day depending on the liquidity within the market. This type of spread is called dynamic spread, that is, variable spread.

The smallest price change movement from Forex trading is called a pip. Price is an abbreviation of the word Interest Point. Areas of use are pips in many places such as measuring spreads, determining transaction costs, forming price charts and indicators.

Leverage is the name of the mechanism that allows you to invest more with a smaller amount of money. Another name for leverage trading is leverage. The practice of leverage, which is often encountered in financial transactions, means that an investment is financed with debt instead of capital in order to maximize its return.
Leverage ratios are 50:1, 100:1 or 200:1.

Lot is used to express the size of 100,000 units. Investors who want to trade in the Forex market express the transaction size with this concept. 1 lot represents the size of 100,000 pieces of the exchange rate on the left side of the pair.

The unit of measurement used to show the rate changes that occur in interest calculations is called a base point. It is a method that is frequently used for accounts with a small percentage and is often preferred for these accounts to be understood more easily, so the transactions made with the use of base can be understood more easily.

You can take advantage of the demo account service to learn forex without risk. For users who are interested in Forex services but have enough knowledge and experience on the subject, demo accounts are the easiest and risk-free way to learn.

To open a Forex account, you can easily fill in the necessary information from the membership screen and easily open an account.

To withdraw money in Forex, it will be enough to contact your representative and fill out a form.

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