The meaning of all concepts and terms for the markets are waiting for you in the Goldenvest Glossary.


Gold, which has an important place in trade, is the name given to all products such as oil, natural gas, corn and cotton. Futures and spot trading can be performed.

Open Position

It means that the trader has a position in the market in a buy or sell situation.


It is the process of buying any financial product from the cheap market and selling it in the high market due to the price change in different markets.

Bear Market (Bearish)

It is the rapid depreciation of prices in a pessimistic market where buying is falling and sales are increasing.


It is the market where prices rise rapidly where purchasing strengthens.

Simple Interest

It is the amount of interest earned at the interest rate of the money allocated to the investment at the interest rate it makes on that money during the investment period.

United Interest

If more than one period is invested with the money allocated to the investment, the amount of interest received in the first period is also interested.


In order to protect against investment risk, it is traded by creating a position in the opposite direction of its current position.


With the glossary of terms, it is very easy to learn the basic concepts in the markets!


It is called the trade size determined to invest.


It is the minimum amount required to trade any financial instrument.


It is the name given to candlesticks that occur when the opening and closing prices are very close or equal to each other.


It is the profit obtained by trading very often in short time intervals.


It is the transaction of the amount of money owned on the floor and the fold. For example; If the leverage is 1:100, $1000 can be traded to $100,000.