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Customer-oriented service philosophy and legal obligations and basic rules we comply with for the confidentiality of customer information obtained or stored

Customer-oriented service philosophy and legal obligations, as well as the basic rules we comply with for the confidentiality of customer information acquired or stored

A, with its customer-oriented service philosophy and legal obligations, undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of customer information acquired or stored within the framework of the following basic rules.

These privacy policies have been prepared by GOLDENVEST to determine GOLDENVEST's responsibilities regarding confidentiality. The following items are on the website and for GOLDENVEST Mobile Android and iOS based applications It contains the rules of information collection and distribution processes.

We will use your IP address to troubleshoot our servers and administer our website. Your IP address will be used to identify you and your shopping cart and to collect your clear demographic information.

Cookies are used on our site to keep track of your shopping cart and to prevent the same ads from appearing in succession. Cookies are used to provide you with content in line with your interests and to store your password so that you do not enter your password again and again.

GOLDENVEST, and the privacy policies and contents of the links in GOLDENVEST Mobile applications is not responsible.

In order to fulfill the transactions of our customers, the information that is necessary and required in the services provided is received and stored.

In the registration form of our site and GOLDENVEST Mobile applications, in the online survey form and in all forms where other user information is received, our users can provide their contact information (such as name, address, telephone, e-mail address…), statistical information (such as age, annual income), financial information. (credit card information, account number) and personal information (tax number, identity number, etc.). Unless there is a legal obligation, customer information is not shared with any third party or institution without their consent. All measures to be taken in order to protect the security, confidentiality and privacy of customers are at the highest level.

Customers agree that they are willing to share their personal information with GOLDENVEST. The purpose of collecting this information is to meet the "Know Your Customer" standard and to ensure the security of the customer in his transactions. Our customers are obliged to provide us with true, up-to-date and accurate information about their identity. They must declare that they will not engage in fraudulent or fraudulent behavior and attitudes, that they will not impersonate another person, or that they will not seek to imitate or represent another person without documentation.

Placing a cookie on the customer's computer in order to collect information about how the customer uses the GOLDENVEST website is also included in the information collection procedure of GOLDENVEST. The application of these information collection methods aims to ensure customer safety. All information collected by the company is shared only with company employees who are responsible for verifying customer accounts, and the sole reason for this verification is to protect the privacy and security of the customer.

GOLDENVEST will never disclose the personal and confidential information of its customers to a third party without the express and written consent of its customers, except for special situations that require legal obligations or the need to verify the identity of the customer in order to protect the customer's account and secure his personal information.

By becoming a member of GOLDENVEST and making voluntary transactions with GOLDENVEST products and services, the customers consent to the use of some or all of the information they have given regarding their GOLDENVEST accounts, in their GOLDENVEST accounts, in the transactions related to these accounts and in the transactions they make with the company on behalf of the company.

All transactions made by the customer with the company are recorded by the company to be used by the company in case of any dispute between the customers and GOLDENVEST in the future.

GOLDENVEST takes all available measures to ensure the confidentiality of its customers' personal information and to implement information protection procedures designed for customer confidentiality. Access to customer information by GOLDENVEST personnel is organized on the basis of the principle of segregation of duties and the most restricted level of authority required to do the job.

GOLDENVEST undertakes to constantly update its information protection policy in order to ensure that the confidential information of its customers is kept safe at all times.

GOLDENVEST may contact its customers by phone or e-mail from time to time to offer information about financial transactions, to provide information or to inform about current promotions. Customers confirm that they consent to such communication with them with our terms and conditions that they approved while becoming a member of GOLDENVEST. Our customers, who do not want such communication with them, have the right to express their requests by contacting GOLDENVEST by phone or e-mail.

Customer information may be disclosed within the framework of legal regulations, if requested by the regulatory authorities, judicial and executive authorities to which GOLDENVEST is subject.

In case of working with different organizations for service support, these companies' '' Privacy It is ensured that they comply with its policy and terms.

Our customers who want to terminate their relationship with GOLDENVEST or our customers who request the removal of their information collected within GOLDENVEST have the right to express their requests by contacting them via telephone or e-mail. Our customers can make these requests by contacting them directly by phone; They can also have their information permanently and completely deleted by sending a clear and written e-mail to the '[email protected]' e-mail address.

We use the contact information we receive in this form to send information and campaign news and materials about our company and the companies determined by us to our users. Contact information will also be used when we need to contact our users and will be shared with other companies that want to contact our users. Our users can delete their records from our system depending on their wishes. The financial information received will be used in collecting the price of the purchased products and services and in other necessary situations. Personal information will be used to log in to the system of our users and to verify the identity of the person when necessary. Statistical information and profile information are also collected on our site. This information can be used in any desired situation. This information will be used in monitoring visitor movements, providing personalized content, and will also be shared with other companies determined by us. This sharing will take place within the framework of the agreements made with the advertiser.

We are working with an advertising marketing organization on the marketing of advertising spaces on our site. Advertisements that the company will publish here may contain cookies. Although cookies are included on our own pages, the content of cookies used in advertisements is collected by the advertising company and our company does not have access to this information. Some user information is shared with the organizations that manage the advertisements of our site. Your personal information (Phone, contact, Personnel) is never shared.

Public Forum

Our site includes chat rooms, forums, message boards and news groups that users can freely use. It should be noted that the information provided herein becomes publicly available information. You should take this into consideration when giving your personal information in these areas.

Information Consolidation

The information you provide on our site is combined with the information received from third parties. At every point where our users register on the site, they can specify whether their contact information can be used by our company or the companies determined by us. Our users always have the right to change the choice they make in this regard. Upon request, the user can cancel his/her registration to the site and have his/her information deleted from our database.

Correction / Renewal

Our users have the right to change all their information registered on our site at any time.

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