Our culture defines itself through our people and the three core values they embody.

Goldenvest is committed to our clients with progressive spreads and Fast deposits and withdrawals. Fast deposits and withdrawals mean no re-bidding, no stop/limit restrictions, and up to 87% of orders executed at the requested price or better.

Customer Priority

Our analysts pay great attention to details and our expert analysts do all your follow-up and enjoy the privilege of trading with you.


We do the right thing for our investors and employees and all other stakeholders.


Our expert analysts keep pace with changing industry trends, business conditions and customer demands. Past experiences and newly acquired skills provide confidence for us to move forward.

Who are Goldenvest's Liquidity Providers and Prime Brokers?

Goldenvest's liquidity providers include global banks, financial institutions and other market makers. Goldvest currently has a number of other liquidity providers, including but not limited to: – Barclays Bank, PLC – Citadel Securities LLC – Citibank NA – Deutsche Bank AG – FASTMATCH INC – XTX Markets Limited – UBS AG – Morgan Stanley & Co., LLC – Commerzbank, HC Technologies LLC. Goldvest also has a number of Liquidity providers that stream pricing through the FastMatch Electronic Communications Network. Goldenvest's Prime Brokers include Citibank N.A. and Jefferies Financial Services, Inc.

About Us

How Do Liquidity Providers Compete?

Each liquidity provider flows into Goldenvest through a direct feed of executable buying and selling prices. Goldenvest's price engine provides the best spread available, choosing the best buy price and the best ask price. Goldenvest's spreads are transparent and some of the lowest in the industry. Goldenvest is the counterparty to all transactions undertaken by a client. A liquidity provider in no way acts as a producer or counterparty in the context of any transaction with a client.

Liquidity providers are also ranked by order rejection rates, spreads, and delay times. At Goldenvest we continuously evaluate and monitor the ranking of our liquidity providers and, if necessary, take appropriate measures aimed at providing our clients with the best available price. By assessing the implementation performance of our liquidity providers together with our internal risk management framework, Goldenvest; it can choose to balance the trade with direct and external counterparties, match the trade to another client's, group and balance multiple trades into blocks, or retain the other side of the trade. By holding ourselves and our liquidity providers to such high standards, we strive to provide the best possible customer experience.

Why Choose Goldenvest?

Goldenvest supports sustainable workforce development through a wide range of cultures and approaches your needs with openness to cultural, national, ethnic and religious diversity. Our advanced trading platforms and flexible trading conditions are suitable for a variety of global clients. Our expertise stems from extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of global financial markets. We are dedicated to providing superior services in currency trading along with CFDs, stock indices, precious metals and energies.

Why Choose Goldenvest?

The operational philosophy we follow is simple: We gain investor satisfaction and their loyalty. Our reputation is linked to our credibility, both of which stem from our ability to serve our customers as they expect and deserve. By following industry trends and following the latest technologies, we are ready to adapt to the needs of our investors.